Photo by JD Renes - Makeup by Saori Yazaki - Assisted by Dan Sauer

Brittany Ashley grew up in Chicago. She graduated from the Second City Chicago sketch writing program where her show "Hindsight For Sore Eyes" was highly regarded as "What the fuck did I just watch?" She has directed/written several sketch shows like It's Pronounced Kevin, Courtney Cox's Bangs and It's Still Pronounced Kevin. After Chicago, she moved to LA with two duffel bags. She's written Lesbian Princess (a series on BuzzFeed Motion Pictures where she stars as a closeted queer princess in the Middle Ages), You Do You (BuzzFeed Motion Pictures first sold TV series, #1 on iTunes), Unplanned (a short film with Ali Vingiano that was picked up by refinery29, HuffPostWomen and Jezebel), and countless sketches on BFMP. 

She has recently acted in Gente-fied, a series by Macro, executive produced by America Ferrera. 

If you own a television and are awake at the wee hours of the night, you may have seen Brittany's stand up on Last Call with Carson Daly. She has also been a festival queen: Crom Comedy Festival, She Devil NYC, Laughing Devil NYC, Chicago Women's Funny Festival and iO West Funny Fest.