Brittany appearing in GirlShip TV's new series: Drunk Lesbians Watch

Fellow BuzzFeed alum Amanda Holland created the YouTube channel GirlShipTV, which is dedicated to series run by/for queer women. Her most popular series is called "Drunk Lesbians Watch" where, you guessed it, lesbians get drunk and watch lesbian movies. Brittany has appeared in a few episodes thus far... 

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 3.36.15 PM.png

Here are the episodes you can watch: Jenny's Wedding, Imagine Me & YouKissing Jessica Stein

Brittany producing on Netflix show "Twelve Forever"

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Brittany has been working with some really bad ass women: showrunner Julia Vickerman, EP Shadi Petosky (creator of "Danger and Eggs"), Susie Lewis (co-creator of "Daria" which as you know, huge fan of), Laura Zak (co-creator of "Her Story") and Rhonda Cox (producer on "Beavis and Butthead" and "Celebrity Deathmatch"). 

You can read more about the show here

Brittany returns as Stoner Janice at Groundlings

On November 13th and November 20th, catch Brittany at Groundlings LA as Stoner Janice in the double feature of the live horror films "Those Who Change" and "Changers" - if you like 80's cult horror films and 90's teen slasher flicks, these are a must see. More info here.

_Double Feature Poster.jpeg