Brittany in new Tancred music video

Tancred's latest music video "Something Else" was heavily inspired by Riverdale. Brittany plays the love interest in three different forms (Archie, Betty & Cheryl). 

You can watch the entire video on Apple Music. 

Tancred is the '90s alt-rock-influenced solo project of singer/guitarist Jess Abbott, formerly of the indie rock group Now, Now


Brittany Announces New Podcast

Don’t Tell the Babysitter Mom’s Dead is a grief podcast by Brittany Ashley. Each episode includes a conversation with a fellow member of the Dead Mom’s Club, as well as an exploration into pop culture’s representation of TV & film characters who have lost their mother. You can subscribe here and listen to the trailer below.

Brittany appearing in GirlShip TV's new series: Drunk Lesbians Watch

Fellow BuzzFeed alum Amanda Holland created the YouTube channel GirlShipTV, which is dedicated to series run by/for queer women. Her most popular series is called "Drunk Lesbians Watch" where, you guessed it, lesbians get drunk and watch lesbian movies. Brittany has appeared in a few episodes thus far... 

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 3.36.15 PM.png

Here are the episodes you can watch: Jenny's Wedding, Imagine Me & YouKissing Jessica Stein

Brittany producing on Netflix show "Twelve Forever"

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 3.32.04 PM.png

Brittany has been working with some really bad ass women: showrunner Julia Vickerman, EP Shadi Petosky (creator of "Danger and Eggs"), Susie Lewis (co-creator of "Daria" which as you know, huge fan of), Laura Zak (co-creator of "Her Story") and Rhonda Cox (producer on "Beavis and Butthead" and "Celebrity Deathmatch"). 

You can read more about the show here

Brittany returns as Stoner Janice at Groundlings

On November 13th and November 20th, catch Brittany at Groundlings LA as Stoner Janice in the double feature of the live horror films "Those Who Change" and "Changers" - if you like 80's cult horror films and 90's teen slasher flicks, these are a must see. More info here.

_Double Feature Poster.jpeg

Sicker Sadder World Live Show

LA PEOPLE: The world is a vampire but I get a tiny sliver of joy from co-hosting Sicker Sadder World, a Daria rewatch podcast with my buddy Laura Zak. We're doing a live event on August 22nd at the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA. It's going to be VERY fun, maybe the best night of your life: screening an episode of Daria, Mindy Jones will sing our theme song live, then we're bringing on some very talented guests, Gaby Dunn, Ira Madison III and Navid Sinaki.

You can RSVP for FREE here. 

Brittany's Essays at NewNowNext

NewNowNext, Logo's editorial site, features a few of Brittany's essays, like...

"Coming Out To Your Uber Driver" - An essay that remarks on the lack of safety for women in private or small spaces (like an Uber, for instance) while tackling the nuances of revealing your sexual orientation to a driver at the risk of your own safety and comfortability. 

"How I Found Lesbians Before YouTube" - With YouTube's restricted mode coming into play, tons of LGBTQ creators are being shafted. Brittany reminisces about the olden days where you had to unironically watch A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila to see a queer woman.