Cast in "Those Who Change" at Groundlings

Catch Brittany at Groundlings LA as Stoner Janice in Anne Lane's "Those Who Change" on September 8th, September 22th and October 13th.

A (new) 80s horror movie (onstage, in an hour). 
Megan Baker is Willow Creek High's most popular girl. She's rich and beautiful, and all the cool boys want her. So when she realizes the devastating truth - that she's not the hero of this story (and instead, the real heroes are the group of misfit nerds trying to track the werewolf that's been killing teens) - Megan's self-awareness inadvertently rips a hole in their universe. A hole that lets in monsters much, much worse than the werewolf. Megan has to team up with the biggest nerds she knows if she wants to save everyone's lives. 

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